School of Foreign Languages



Dear Students,


On behalf of Istanbul Arel University School of Foreign Languages, I would like to welcome you to our university, where we believe that you will spend your academic, formal education and social life in a productive environment and will shape your future. As Istanbul Arel University, our goal is to train young people who will enable modern Turkey to take its place among developed countries.  Foreign language is of great importance in terms of transferring knowledge through world languages ​​and communicating with the world.


In accordance with the goals and principles of our university, our goal, as a School of Foreign Languages, is to provide our students with the best possible education language of the department they are studying with our staff consisting of full-time and part-time lecturers. As a School of Foreign Languages, we can group our field of study into preparatory compulsory language courses and post-preparatory  English language courses for special purpose. The School of Foreign Languages ​​offers language courses in different programs in line with the demands of faculties and departments. These courses consist of 3-hour programs per week, considering the importance of acquiring a foreign language in the cultural and professional field.


We wish success to our students, who will take part in the society as future modern individuals by gaining foreign language skills as well as a good vocational education.


Lecturer Dr. Yıldıray ÇEVİK
Director of the School of Foreign Languages


Dear Students,


Foreign Language Education is mostly known as a difficult and long process. For this reason, students who receive language education approach this process with a bit of prejudice, not knowing what they will encounter at the end.In today’s life, being able to speak a foreign language at an ‘advanced level’ has almost become equivalent to having a diploma. In particular, the increase in the use and spread of English throughout the world has increased the necessity for people to learn this language in recent years.As Arel University, we have made the English learning process as ‘effective’, ‘efficient’ and ‘student-oriented’ as possible by being aware of all these facts.


The resources we use to make the courses more interactive and rich in activities motivate our students more and increase their participation in the lesson. In our education model, which is compatible with CEF (Common European Framework) standards and in which student-centered methods such as CLT are used, English becomes a part of daily life for our students, rather than just a ‘course’.Education System:In the educational system, which consists of a total of 6 levels, the primary target is to apply an interactive process, that is, the process in which students can participate in the course effectively.  Because we know that the most important part of the learning process is not to attend the class, but to participate the course interactively. For the development of basic language features such as reading, writing, listening and speaking, our instructors take care of their students one-to-one.


The exams held during the semester are combined with the exams held at the end of the year and the success status of the student is revealed. At this point, the target is that the student, who will continue to the department, is able to use the language competently.


The attendance status of the student is monitored regularly by our relevant departments and students with absenteeism are warned.


Our co-workers take care of all kinds of students’ problems and help them find solutions. We claim to provide education at ‘international standards’ with the system we have established, that is, we are advancing the education process with current practices and methods in our country and in the world. We believe that the students studying in the preparatory class at our school will make a difference in their business life in the coming years, both with the language they use and their general knowledge level.


As Istanbul Arel University, we really believe that we will raise our students as ‘successful’, ‘investigative’ and ‘self-confident’ individuals with all our Academic and Administrative staff.


Ibrahim DARAMA
English Preparatory Program Coordinator