Quality Commission



İstanbul Arel University Quality Commission was established by resolution in accordance with the Regulation on Quality Assurance in Higher Education published by the Council of Higher Education, in order to plan the studies regarding the evaluation of Istanbul Arel University as a whole, the development of quality in all processes, the independent external evaluation it is subject to and the approval of the quality levels in the processes. The studies of the İstanbul Arel University Quality Commission are gathered under the following main headings;

• Evaluation, monitoring and improvement of the quality of educational, research and social contribution activities and administrative services,
• To carry out all kinds of studies to be carried out for accreditation and approval of the quality level
• To carry out corporate and program internal and external evaluation processes with the creation and operation of internal and external quality assurance system

Istanbul Arel University Quality Commission carries out its work through its sub-commissions and academic/administrative quality ambassadors.