Political Science and International Relations Program



The Political Science and International Relations doctoral program, which is planned to be opened in our university, aims to contribute to the training of academic staff and to enable people who want to specialize in these fields to study at the doctoral level. In the 21st century, the field of international relations shows a multilateral and multidimensional development.


Especially not only states but also international organizations, multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and natural persons are important actors of international relations. The activities of non-state actors are increasing day by day. For this reason, international relations specialists and especially specialists trained at the doctoral level are needed more.


Based on this idea, our university has put forward a will to open a doctoral program. The location, equipment and related materials of our university are at a level that can conduct this level of education qualitatively. In addition, the academic staff of our university allows this training to be conducted qualitatively and quantitatively.