Microsoft Imagine



Arel Microsoft Imagine is a platform where you can download all Microsoft software for academic use for free.

Arel Microsoft Imagine is completely student and faculty member oriented. Arel Microsoft Imagine, which offers all the software development tools for free, can be accessed by the students with their id information (student ID, name, surname and their e-mail address with @istanbularel.edu.tr extension).

In the first place, you need to log in to our page.You can reach our homepage at http://msimagine.arel.edu.tr.

To open an account, click on the “Sign In” link in the upper right corner. Continue with the “Sign Up” button as on the page that opens below.

As shown in the form below, your username should be “studentidnumber@istanbularel.edu.tr” . Because this username will prove that you are a student, and the confirmation of membership by Arel Microsoft Imagine will occur faster.

The system will give you an alert when you continue the process by clicking the “Continue” button. Click on the ”Request an account” link and proceed to the registration form

After clicking the ”Send” button, a picture such as the following will be displayed on the screen, and with this picture, your request will be completed.

Finally, Arel Microsoft Imagine will send a password setting link to your e-mail address with “studentidnumber@istanbularel.edu.tr“extension. You can log in to the system by clicking the link “Sign In” at

http://msimagine.arel.edu.tr with the following information

User name: studentidnumber@istanbularel.edu.tr

Password: The password you have set