Justice Program



Law, one of the broadest branches of the field of social sciences, contributes to the solution of a number of problems arising from our life in society. In the globalizing world, along with societies, the states formed by societies are also developing, and the concepts of law and justice are also affected by these developments.


With the facilitation of access to information and the development of interpersonal communication, existing problems are increasing, and the developments in the field of law bring new solutions to these problems, which are getting more and more complex day by day. Nowadays, with the increase in the areas of sovereignty of modern states, it is impossible to keep human basic rights and freedoms separate from these developments. In parallel with these developments, the field of law is gaining new momentum.


It is now among the expectations of all societies that justice be provided easier, more effective and faster. In order to maintain these developments, there is no doubt that manpower trained in the field of law is needed. The main purpose of the Justice Program of our university is to meet the need for decently trained intermediate staff in the field of law. The features of the program are planned to meet all these needs. The features of the program are generally as follows; * In the two-year Justice Associate Program, students gain basic knowledge about different areas of law and justice and also benefit from practical courses.


  • In addition to basic courses such as constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, administrative law, commercial law, students take a number of practical courses such as UYAP, keyboard use.
  • Our students participate in internship programs that have 30 working days to improve the theoretical and practical courses they take.


Job Opportunities

Graduates of the Justice Program are appointed to the positions of editor-in-chief or assistant of editor-in-chief, executive director or assistant of executive director. In addition, they can be appointed to positions that can rise up to the directorate in institutions of prisons and detention houses. Graduates of the program can easily find a job in official and private banks, various public and economic organizations, private economic enterprises.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) *

  • Law

* These are the departments included in the 2020 OSYM guide.