First and Emergency Aid



The First and Emergency Aid Associate Degree Program affiliated to the Vocational School provides 2 years of formal education. The medium of instruction is Turkish. The goal of the program is to train health technicians who can provide basic and advanced life support to the sick and injured people, recognize all kinds of system trauma and make the appropriate emergency approach, and ensure that the patients or injured who are first intervened reach hospitals safely by ambulance. Another goal is to be a leader and pioneer educational institution in the training of health technicians who can adapt to changing conditions, have problem-solving skills, are productive, can communicate effectively with their environment, are team-player, are equipped with professional skills in line with contemporary needs and are aware of social responsibilities.


Students take an internship in 112 Provincial Ambulance Services in order to turn their theoretical knowledge about the profession of first and emergency aid technician acquired at the university into skills and to develop their knowledge and skills in practice. Raising individuals who can learn in the process, on a solid foundation in the context of lifelong learning, will contribute to the development and progress of the sector. It is important that trainings are created on the basis of lifelong learning.


Students who will be enrolled in this program must receive a report from the Faculty of Medicine certifying that they have a body structure and mental health that does not prevent them from obtaining a driver’s license. Due to the requirement of the program to drive in the 2nd class, they must have completed the age of 17 on the date of enrollment. Male students must be at least 1.65 m and female students must be at least 1.60 m. They must weigh no more than 5 kilograms or 15 kilograms less than the last two digits of the value of height expressed in centimeters. Also, while working in a team of two people in rescue and transportation works, they must have the physical competence to carry a patient on a stretcher with their teammate.


Undergraduate Departments that can be transferred with DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam)

• Emergency Aid and Disaster Management
• Nursing
• Nursing and Health Services
* These are the departments included in the 2018 OSYM guide.