Acquisition and Strategic Use of Resources



Procurement and Strategic Use of Resources is responsible for strategically sourcing on behalf of the University.


Strategic use of resources is the process of analyzing University expenditures, conducting a formal and structured tender/negotiation to identify selected vendors, and managing the home vendor relationship. Strategic use of resources aims to complete the purchasing and contracting processes of departments and units together as the University rather than separately, thus reducing the overall expenditure of the University by requiring fewer vendors. The ultimate goal is to save departments and units money and time.


There are two main components of the strategic resource utilization process:


Creating a Contract:

  • Analyze expenses, (Turkish Lira / Number of Transactions)
  • Talk to departments and schools,
  • Create an evaluation committee,
  • Send formal invitations to tenders (using templates created by the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing unit)
  • Evaluate offers,
  • Conduct the best or final offer/negotiation processes
  • Conduct formal negotiations together with single-source vendors
  • Arrange a contract on the best offers made
  • Consider factors such as price, delivery capacity, quality, track record, training, reporting, compliance with specifications, customer service, and financial stability.


Contract Management:

  • Monitor provider performance and service level,
  • Request feedback from departments and units,
  • Change and update product recommendations to meet needs more effectively,
  • Confirm that the prices charged are accurate and consistent,
  • Track İstanbul Arel University spending information and ensure prices are improved when appropriate,
  • Analyze data in order to continuously improve opinions and agreements with the contracting party,