Dean’s Welcome Message



Dear Students,


All sectors providing services in the field of health and education are the most important stakeholders shaping the present and tomorrow of a society. The main purpose of İstanbul Arel University Faculty of Health Sciences, which is one of these stakeholders, is to train health personnel who are competent, knowledgeable in their field, have a strong academic formation and are open to lifelong self-improvement. Being aware of this important task, our experienced academic staff provides comprehensive education to its students with fully equipped laboratories of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine located in our Cevizlibağ campus, as well as contributes to the medical and health literature by conducting scientific studies. We know that it is our most important duty and responsibility to educate you, that is, our dear students, well, both for our university, our country and for the patients who are waiting for support from you.


After completing your education, you can step into your professional life in public or private health institutions in order to provide health care, which is an extremely need for our country, or you can decide to continue on the academic path and continue your graduate education at our faculty. In any case, I know that you, the health professionals of the future, will perform your profession in the best way and each of you, wherever and under what conditions, will present the education, knowledge and effort you received, wherever and under any circumstances, to those in need, adhering to ethical values.  I would like to wish all our students and academic staff who continue their education at Istanbul Arel University Faculty of Health Sciences a healthy and productive academic year. Welcome in advance to our new students who are considering to join us.


Prof. Dr. Yildiz İYİDOĞAN


İstanbul Arel University


Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences