Accounting and Auditing Program



International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Auditing and Valuation Standards and the new Turkish Commercial Code have radically changed the concepts of classical accounting. In the process of rapid change in the fields of Accounting and Auditing, changes and diversification in the reporting system, which is one of the basic elements of accounting, have increased with the diversification of companies’ structures.


The Accounting and Auditing Master’s Program aims to provide its participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt to the change process in the field, and to have a preferred equipment in the audit sector. In addition to the basic courses required by the Department of Business Administration, this program also includes courses such as Internal Control and Internal Audit, International Auditing Standards and Practices, International Accounting Standards and Reporting, and courses that will provide advanced expertise in the Accounting and Auditing discipline.


Graduates of this program can continue their academic careers, as well as gaining the Accounting Audit Specialist qualification, they can be in managerial positions in the finance, accounting, auditing and reporting departments of the leading companies of the business world.